Sawyer and Phillip|Promontory|June 2018




Planner, Décor, & Floral| Harvest Moon Events

Officiant| Father Scott Jenkins

Photographer| Laine and Grant Daniels

Entertainment| Changing Lanes Entertainment Group

Videographer| byDesign Films

Hair and Makeup|Lesley Lind

Signage|Lettering by Linney

Cake | Deer Valley Bakery

Ceremony Music|Grooms Brother, Andrew, Story Slaughter during bride and grooms communion.


Written by

As a boutique event planning team, we pour our hearts & souls into every event - whether we are hired for event design, staffing, team building, floral, conference planning, or vendor management. Allow us to provide your floral centerpieces for a dinner party, bouquets for a special occasion, or design a large gala. We love a challenge! We have coordinated cowboys and reptiles, built a skate ramp in the mountains, created flower chandeliers, constructed a roller rink on a bar deck, designed ice furniture, led scavenger hunts, and created hundreds of cozy spaces for guests to mix and mingle. We are equipped to make your celebration nothing short of elevated.

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