Cemetery Photo Shoot|October 2018| Park City, Utah

Nothing will get you ready for Halloween like a Haunted Wedding Cemetery photo shoot!   This photo shoot was a scramble all around, but I love how it turned out! We didn’t get involved with this photo shoot until the night before, while we were coordinating an actual wedding at Victory Ranch. Taylor, the photographer had asked us at the wedding if we could help out with decor and also help her find last minute models! Harvest Moon is always up for a challenge and we were happy to help.

We were up late scrambling to find models. We asked our friend Cass (who we know through dating Dolph; Dolph  has DJ’d many events for us) to do hair and makeup for the shoot (she is a professional hair and makeup artist). Then, we realized that she and Dolph would actually be perfect models–and they were willing to do it! Not professional models at all–just some friends who were willing to help out.Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.42.48 PM

This photo shoot was shot at the Glenwood Cemetery which already set most of the SPOOKY ambiance for us. The main cemetery gate was locked, that ended up being our biggest challenge. We ended up having  to fit all our decor pieces, including the arch and  other heavy boxes, through a tiny pedestrian gate while traipsing through several inches of fresh heavy, wet snow (October 10th!). We would set some of our things underneath the trees and occasionally the weight of the snow on the branches would come tumbling down and get us with the snow!

One of Harvest Moons newest pieces added to our decor is a NEW dark wood ceremony arch! This arch allows you to work with a lot of different styles and truly make it your own.

We played around with the arch a lot, but we eventually decided to drape the burgundy linen over one side of the arch and add garland that draped down the other side; on one of the posts of the arch, we added a collection of seasonal blooms in deep fall colors: more burgundy, red and orange.  The pops of color added a little detail to the overall vision and helped pull it all together.  I am really excited to use this arch for more upcoming weddings!

Let’s not forget that every wedding has to have cake! Even if it’s just for a photo shoot!  @utahamicakes created a delicious chocolate, geoed cake. This cake turned out amazing and also complimented well with the rest of the decor.

Weddings are about celebrating the newly weds! One way of doing that is adding a sweet heart table. A sweet heart table is a perfect way of highlighting the couple. For this sweet heart table we added some soft seating with blankets and pillows to cozy up to! We kept the deep colors throughout and grouped dark lanterns to outline the couples table.

Since this was just a photo shoot, this couple didn’t actually “Elope”, but they are actually together and their love for each other is real! Thanks for helping out with this shoot and being troopers in the weather! We hope to help create a your REAL special day very soon :).

Concept & Photography| @taylormade_photolv
Set Design, Coordination & Rentals| @harvestmoonevents
Bouquet| @emily_pearblossom
Cake| @utahamicakes
Velvet Ribbons|@emmalinhco
Calligraphy| @sheryleeink
Wedding Dress| @rachelelizabethbridal
Crystal Crown & earrings| @desertdaisyjewelry
Bride Model + Hair & Makeup| @cassarolla
Groom Model| @djdolph
Bridesmaid Model| @mer1114
Groomsman Model| @phildobson


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