Kelly & Paul | October 2014 | Riverhorse Cafe

Wow, what a wedding! And what stunning images by photographer David Newkirk to capture the day.
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The Riverhorse Cafe on Park City’s historic Main Street offers a unique setting for one’s nuptials; it is one of the few restaurants right on Main Street that can accommodate over 100 people for a ceremony, dinner, and dancing all inside their own space. And what a gorgeous space it is. With existing aspen trunk decorations around the restaurant and glass globes hanging from the ceiling, not much outside decor is required to transform the space into a dreamy wedding destination.
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We hung 1,000 paper cranes, the traditional symbol of love in Japan, throughout the space. The elegant bird mates for life and is a popular motif in weddings. Japanese lore holds that the crane is one of three holy creatures that can live for 1,000 years. Thus, couples fold 1,000 origami paper cranes, one for each year of the crane’s life, enabling the “bird of happiness” to carry the couple’s prayers to heaven. The majestic cranes were also used as the couple’s escort cards, showing guests to their tables.
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The night concluded with a balloon-lit sendoff. Guests lined the sidewalks of Main Street with their LED filled white balloons and made a tunnel for the couple. One of the not-so-glamorous moments behind the scenes was picking up 75-100 bits of popped latex balloons that lined the street at the end of the night. But worth every achy bend of that tired Wedding Planner’s body; that sendoff was spectacular! Cheers to this fabulous couple!
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Day-Of Wedding Planner & Decor | Harvest Moon Events
Photographer | David Newkirk
Floral | Silver Cricket
Entertainment | Mitch Ross with Craig Chambers Disc Connection
Venue | Riverhorse Cafe on Main

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