Sustainable Events


We produce an average of 70 events a year. And for most events, we purchase items. Those items come shipped to us in cardboard boxes, which usually contain packing peanuts or bubble-wrap, or more cardboard. Plus, there’s the paper that goes into producing each event, food that goes to waste, excessive use of water (for example, filling up water barrels to support tents), emissions (think of all the travel to get product and guests to/from an event), and so on. Each event can produce a lot of waste. Luckily, we like to recycle. Those of you who are Park City locals, did you know the Park City Recycle Center recycles styrofoam as well? That’s a new one we learned when we purchased these lovely fire pits, which came shipped to us in loads of that white stuff that is so terrible for the environment.prod350043

When we think of flowers, “bad for the environment” doesn’t often come to mind. While we absolutely LOVE flower arranging here at Harvest Moon Events, we know it is not the most environmentally friendly component of an event, and we are excited to work with clients who want to incorporate more eco-friendly centerpiece options. Succulents, or mini cactuses, are one great solution.

SUCCULENT Assorted 3 inch

We love working with succulents these days — we purchase them in their pots and incorporate them into centerpieces time after time, sometimes using them for months. We take care of them in our office (luckily, they don’t require much attention) and plop them right into our centerpieces with their plastic pots still on whenever possible. In fact, they’ll grow in nearly anything, rocks and sand included.


If using them as individual potted plants you can add moss to the tops to give them an even more polished look, or use them for other purposes besides centerpieces. They make great escort card holders or table numbers — which people can take away with them at the end of the evening. Paint them with chalk paint and you can write right on them. It’s a great way to add some color to your dinner table, while also serving the purpose of assigning seats at your table.

il_fullxfull.302011134 images

If succulents aren’t your thing, how about trees? We recently worked with a lovely bride who wanted to provide these trees as her guest favors — and her centerpieces. We filled rectangular vases with 10-12 trees each. Each tree was wrapped in a little burlap bag and tied with ribbon in her wedding color. Plus a little note from the bride & groom, and voila! Not only an eco-friendly centerpiece with no waste, but also a centerpiece AND favor that gives back to the environment (once planted, of course).


Some day, we hope to be able to have a small flower garden — in which case, we would then compost our old flowers to create the soil to grow new flowers. A girl can dream, anyway…

In the meantime, with all the recycled products and eco-friendly initiatives out there, producing an environmentally conscious event is something we can all do these days. Here are some links:

Happy (eco-friendly) planning! Kasey

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